KnowPap – Learning environment for papermaking

Developed as a joint effort of key players in the Finnish forest industry, KnowPap is a browser-based e-learning environment serving those interested in learning more about papermaking and automation. The software can be used for independent studying and as a comprehensive resource for supplementary teaching material.

Comprehensive content. Papermaking is approached from different perspectives, including manufacturing processes, automation, raw materials, products and properties, safety, environment, operation, energy efficiency and economy.
High diversity of the content. Profound, well classified information and it´s demonstration are the result of constant content production and development started in 1997. Content covers 750 areas of study, 7000 pictures, 250 videos and animations, as well as 11 simulations about papermaking.
Access. Software is accessible regardless of time and place. Internet connection and browser is all that is required.
Global. KnowPap learning environment meets customer needs all around the world. Content is available in English and Finnish.
Continual development. Software maintenance produces new content, takes care of the usability and functionality, and keeps the existing contents up-to-date.
Cooperation. A cost-efficient way of developing and maintaining know-how. Learning material needed by all the participants is done reasonably together. Cooperation creates a likely environment for a dialogue between the companies. Information of products from about 100 key players in the sector.
Development group. Development group consists of forest industry and education professionals, representing the major users of KnowPap. Dialogue with the group directs the software development.
Influence on society. In addition to companies, the appropriate and up-to-date content is also utilized in learning institutions. Use of software in college and in early stages of subsequent studies increases interest towards the forest sector and attracts new talents to the field.